Tuesday, September 7, 2010

To workout or not to workout...

Did you ever look in the mirror and said "I'm fat and I need to work out?" Well, I do it all the time and I try to avoid mirrors so I won't hear myself say that over and over and over again!

So we are going home in December and I made a vow over and over and over again to work out and lose the weight, since August and it’s the middle of September and nothing is going on! I don't have the motivation to workout, to do moves that I will know will hurt the body so much and that I will be saying "OUCH!" over and over and over again. Now who wants that? I know I don't, but I don't want to be fat! Okay, I am not fat but since the hubby has been home I gained 10 pounds and I think maybe 2 or more and I don't want that. Losing all the pregnancy fat wasn't all for nothing. Plus, when I go home I want a tattoo! Always wanted one and I would like to have one when we go home. So hopefully I will get there, HOPEFULLY!

Okay so today I started and I was lacking the energy and the motivation to even do it. But, I keep thinking I want to lose the weight. Be in my size 7 jeans again! Feel good in my own skin. So I sweated and the body was hurting! Screaming what are you doing? Stop hurting me? But hearing that, I know I don't want to hear those words. I want to hear "Come on baby, feel the burn!" I want to feel good and not so tired. That is why I am doing this. I am pushing myself and it’s hard. But I did it before and I know that I can do it again. So whoever wants to join on this ride, comment me and "WE CAN DO IT! and that is JUST MY 2 CENTS!

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