Thursday, September 23, 2010

A movie not worth watching...

Okay, by now everyone knows that my family loves movies and we always have movie nights. Well, I got a movie that I am going to give my JUST MY 2 CENTS!

The movie is “The Last Exorcism,” and JUST MY 2 CENTS on this is that it SUCKS! The movie was a waste of footage and time. It was freaky on some parts but the whole thing just sucked. They played on the trailer the freaky parts of the movie that made it interesting to see. But, that was it, the freaky part is what made it interesting but when you spend $7-8 dollars to sit on your butt to watch this sucky movie, it’s just not worth it. Should have spend it on a kids movie, at least it will be money well spent.

All in all, this movie is not worth your time and money. Save it or watch another movie or a kid’s movie, believe me when I say it’s not interesting and that is JUST MY 2 CENTS!

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