Monday, September 6, 2010

Friends...Are They Really or Are They Not...

In life you think that you made the greatest friends that you could ever find. But in reality, you can never just find that great friend. Like that saying "friends come and go" and little by little I am realizing that.

I thought I had friends that the group that I hang with I are my friends but I been learning that they have been doing stuff without me. Hearing little bits and pieces here and there of them hanging out and not including me really hurts. It stings straight to the heart. Even finding out the night before of a party they were all together doing stuff. Maybe I am jumping the gun and making up things in my mind. But I wish they had included me and just called me. Every time I think I found friends, I get hurt in the end. Little do they know that I have been going through so much and they don't see it or even care? That my family has and going through an ordeal that not even my family back home knows. Only certain people who still care about my family know but so far away for me to lean on and just cry.

Am I a bad friend or a bad person? Do I not go out of my way to help my friends out? Maybe it's just me, because I know that I like to keep to myself, that my family time is important and I am not just doing whatever I please to do. I don't know, maybe because of what is going on that I am feeling alone. I do have my husband and I am blessed to have him at my side and just be my friend and my support. But it will be nice to just have lady friends who you can just talk and hang with and be called upon to just hang out!

I know I am a good person and hopefully I can truly meet a really good friend who will be my best friend and with that I sadly give Just My 2 Cents!

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