Monday, September 6, 2010

The movies KILLER...

Okay, something you need to know about me. I love movies! I can quote lines and I know my actors, okay some of them. My all time favorite actors are Brad Pitt & Brendan Frasier, and my favorite actress are Sandra Bullock and Catherine Zeta Jones! We have family movie nights in my house. The kids get their blankets and pop popcorn and we all settle in the living room and watch one or two movies. We have been doing this since the girls were little and now my oldest is 17 and she still loves this. This are the moments that are specials.

Now this will be my first review on something, and I had to blog on this movie. It is awesome! It is a comedy, romance, and fighting all in one. Not to mention, Ashton Kuchter is hot & sexy. Go Demi Moore! Nice pick! Not going to tell you how things go in the movie, but he goes shirtless in one part and wow nice body. He worked out big time! (Smiling!)Katherine Heigl was awesome too! At first she was a little uptight, but into the movie she got tough, you go girl! Show that woman power! I admire her qualities and what she brings to the screen. Soon she will be one of my all time favorites. Keep making awesome movies!

This movie is awesome and it is worth the watch and I give it…JUST MY 2 CENTS!

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