Friday, September 3, 2010

My day today

Well from the look of it, I am a day behind on my challenge. My day today was filled to the brim of activities. Besides being a mom, wife, & running my house, I am also a CO-Family Readiness Group Leader for my husband's unit. I help & support families get ready for deployment & also they have the information when needed for their families.

Well, today we had a chili cook-off for the unit, besides being a good soldier; we wanted to see their cooking skills. So everyone had to make their best chili & it was judge by presentation, smell, taste, & ingredients that they use. It was such a good turnout, we had 16 entries & I was proud because my husband entered.

My husband's joy is cooking & he was a chef before he joined the Army for a 5-star hotel. You may wonder then why join the Army? We are from the island of Guam & its economy is based on tourist so if it drops the hotels hurt. So that's the story on the why. :)

As being the CO-FRG Leader I couldn't judge so I was delighted to see how people reacted to the chili he made. People were going for seconds & thirds, lucky we had an extra pot, because when we were near judging time he almost had none. So the three judges had to taste 16 samples & it was hard because by the end their stomachs were hurting. It was a lot of laughter and fun.

In the end, we were only suppose to have a first and second place winners, but we had a tie for second place so we had to break it & make a third place. But we had good fun and the unit had fun.

So even though I am late for my blog entry, I sit here with a stomach full of chili still and a fun-filled day and with that is Just My 2 Cents!

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  1. No worries on being "late". Sounds like it was a fun event for you and the others! That is a lot of chili to eat! :)