Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mommies have to be strong...

Last night, I was so sad and I felt at my lowest of all time! But when you stop to think, has this been my lowest of all time? You never stop to think about it, because your heart is hurting and your eyes are brimming with tears that want to emerge. But you want to be the strongest person and not show that you’re hurting to anyone because your mommy and mommies are invincible. We have to kiss the booboo's away, we have to hold your hand when you get a shot, we have to mend the broken heart and wipe the tears away, and even though we mean well, we are always unfair!

But you know what, we are not! At the end of the day when all the dishes are put away, living room tidy, clothes folded away, the kids are in bed, and clothes are ready for the next day, when we sit or lay in bed we are not strong anymore, we breakdown! We don't have anyone to kiss the booboo's away when our fingers get slammed in the cabinet door, no one to hold our hands when there are no hands to hold, mend our broken hearts when your spouse don't see eye with you and you shut your mouth to avoid any arguments and hold the tears from coming out, and even though we mean well we are still unfair!

Even though I am mommy and I was made to be strong and I will fight till my last breath, but I am also weak and I need you to be strong and that is JUST MY 2 CENTS!

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