Monday, September 27, 2010

Excercising Workout 5...

Okay, yesterday was workout 5 for me and I feel strong today. I am not counting down the time before it ends; I am actually working out and enjoying the burn. The biceps and triceps are not burning that bad when I first started. Which is a good thing and I am glad. The thighs are not burning too bad, but I still hate the lunges! It still hurts a little but becoming more manageable. I think I am ready for the next DVDs.

If you don’t know what workouts I am using, it is the Slim in 6 workouts from BeachBody. It claims that you will be tone and fit by the 6 week. So I am doing this workout to see how it goes and if it actually works. If you want to see more go to

You are supposed to measure yourself before you start, but I didn’t do this. I am not good at measuring, especially myself. So I am basing myself on my clothes and not the scale. Okay, I admit I do weigh myself but I try not to if I can. But, you’re only human and the mind is so curious you will be surprise how much you do weigh yourself. Also, my diet is not that great and I am not following the plan that comes with it. I am just watching what I eat and try; TRY to stay away from the sweets! Which is not that hard once you start working out and you see that your body is feeling good, you really are conscious on what you put in your body? It’s funny how the mind does that to you. When I wasn’t exercising, I would eat the sweets and chips like nothing. Now, I don’t crave it and even though I have a “wanting to eat but not hungry feeling” I don’t go for the junk food. I stop and see if I am really hungry and try to eat something healthy & by the time of the second bite, its goes away. So I guess you will call that emotional eating! LOL Usually drinking a glass of diet soda, water, or water & crystal light helps with that feeling.

So on Monday, I am going to the next DVD “Ramp it Up!” and it is I believe 48 minutes, I think 20 minutes or so longer than the first DVD “Start it Up!” but if I made it this far, might as well feel the burn again. According, to the plan you should do this for 2 weeks, but work out for 6 days each week with a day off. I guess we will see how much I push play! Hmmm, I wonder if my butt will hurt after this workout.

I guess what I am trying to do here is to see what the results will be if you don’t follow their plan and do it your way, I guess we will see and that is JUST MY 2 CENTS!

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