Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Do I have a friend...

I don't know why this topic came to mind, but it has been on my mind a lot.  Let's put it this way, I have friends but only a few who is close to me.  Let's put it another way, I thought the ones I thought were close to me is not what I feel is my friends.  I know that when we get older that we all drift apart and when we have families, more drift apart.  But the one who stays near are the who are true, but then again that becomes few and few in times.  Then you think that the friends you make they will be with you or have your back and then it hits you they are just friends who are just friends, not the friends who you can count on.  Am I not a nice person or am I to of a nice person?  I feel so left out at times and with me feeling so low I feel that I really don't have friends.  No one to just check me and say "Hey you ok?"  I guess it's ok, I mean I am not the type who bothers people and I like my solace but sometimes a person just needs to know that another person cares about them and think of them in a good way.  I feel that I need to change who I am but then again why should I.  I love me for me and if no one likes it then it's fine, GOD didn't put me on this earth to be love by many, He put me here to love and raise my family in His way and if I have to be alone, I will go through my life alone without friends.  To be honest when I think about it, I am not really alone, GOD is with me and my friend and He did give me a friend, my best friend and that is my husband.  I just miss him right now and I wish he was home so I have someone taking care of me and always checking up on me...and with that is "JUST MY 2 CENTS!"

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