Sunday, June 12, 2011

To coupon or not to coupon...

I was talking to my friend one night, just texting each other back and forth, we were discussing what would we do if we won the lottery and if we still coupon.  We both agreed that we will still coupon and just keep donating and helping those who can't or struggling.  Because we both have been there and it is hard and when I was struggling, we didn't have the coupon system or didn't even know to much about it.  But, when my family got into the military lifestyle, I learned to coupon and save money to feed my family.  My friend was lucky cause she had her grandmother who coupon and taught her how to do it really good.
Well, we discussed about winning the lottery and all that. But, I had an idea or a dream...I will still coupon and donate, but I will purchase a warehouse and make a store for families who need help come and shop for free and teach them to coupon and save and that the American Dream is possible. Help them get on their feet.  I know how it is to struggle and I will tell you that it is a hard struggle but it is how you take from it and make it better...I know some may disagree with me, but this is from life experience that I say this and with that is 'JUST MY 2 CENTS!'

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