Sunday, June 5, 2011

It seems like forever...

Hi everyone,

It seems like forever since I have been on my blog!  Well, a lot has happen since my last published blog.  Hubby is deployed, getting adjusted in being a single parent with 4 daughters, oldest daughter just graduated, 2 of my girls birthday has past, & I got sick.  Yep, I got sick again...well I had pneumonia last November & after Easter I got it again with a small collapse airway on my right side, which hurt like hell to breathe.  But, check this out I never get sick but the times I do get sick, my hubby is away.  So who is going to take care of me, of course "ME." Ya, it wasn't an easy task but I did it & my girls helped with whatever they can do.  But, as being the mom our job is never done.  Well, to bring you up-to-date, I will be going through test & all to see what is going on with me, but as I do this I am dedicating to pay attention to my blog & post "Just My 2 Cents!" because through the time that I was gone, I gotten into couponing again to save $money$ & signed up with another business which I will later on post about. So excited actually to be back in the blog world, because I met a good friend who I will promote her blog later as well because she has inspired me that through it all we can do anything & with that is "Just My 2 Cents!"

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