Thursday, June 23, 2011

Obama's Announcement...

Well, after days of not feeling good and doing countless test at the hospital, I just read in the Yahoo News about Obama's Announcement...about pulling troops out of Afghanistan!  Well, as an Army wife I am going to see it when my husband comes home and don't need to go anymore is when I will believe what that man ever says.  And what makes me think about this announcement, it's just another campaign ploy to get voters to vote him back into office again.  Really, another meaningless promise is all I hear. All I know is that our nation is hurting, families are left alone to fend for themselves against government shutdowns, jobs being scarce, economy dropping, burying our fallen soldiers and not even burying them in peace, and storms coming unexpected.

Hey GOVERNMENT, When is it going to be our turn to be taken care of?  When are you going to see that your people are hurting?  That children are being left mother-less and father-less because of a war that not even the people over there want us there?  When are you going to give our soldiers and those who support them that honorable recognition in what they do for our country that they sacrifice their freedom and their way of life?  Do you know who they are and who they left behind?  Do you know that we can't even bury our fallen soldiers within our RIGHTS that we are so given and yet died for? Do you know that even after death their families are not being taken care off by the GOVERNMENT they died for?  Do you even have the faintest idea on how that part of the world is living and suffering?  Like education, when did we loose value on that for our children, the FUTURE of our nation?  I am sorry not all of us can afford to put our children in private schools, but it will be nice to see that same education offer to all children, ain't that where our FUTURE LEADERS are going to come from or did we forget about the FUTURE?

I am going to end this before I really go off and keep on giving 'JUST MY 2 CENTS!'...and this is my opinion on it all and these came to my mind after reading that news and maybe on other people minds because if we are the 'LAND OF THE FREE' and 'THE ALL AMERICAN DREAM' then we are not living to that standard...and that is 'JUST MY 2 CENTS!'

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