Monday, June 13, 2011

Barnes & Noble...

Someone asked me to help show them some discounts and coupons for Barnes & Nobles...I am glad that she asked me because I love Barnes & Nobles...I love the atmosphere when I go in and I can stay hours and hours just hanging out in there.  My husband knows already that I love that store and he might as well drop me there when he is going to look for stuff for himself, because by the time he comes back I am not done...LOL...hey I am a woman, when are we ever done browsing or shopping. The one thing I like about Barnes & Nobles, is the great discounts that they offer to their customers, you can be a member and get a awesome discount or if your like me, I homeschool my kids that considers me an educator, so I get an educator discount on education materials or books and that is my kind of store. DEALS, DEALS, DEALS!!!
So I will be posting a link to their coupon or code deals and they have a great coupon for Father's Day so get it while it last...& that is 'JUST MY 2 CENTS!'

Barnes & Nobles Deals

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this, exactly what I was looking for!