Monday, June 13, 2011

Coupon find...

Okay, I am still getting the hang of finding coupons so just bare with me as I look for the great deals and help you save & that is "JUST MY 2 CENTS!"

$0.50/2 Milky Way Brand Bars type in zip code 90408 and get that "sweet" deal :)

Rare $1/5 Powerade Coupon

LIPTON ICED TEA: FREE 100% Natural Iced Tea Product  I am not sure if this is still available so this one is a chance coupon...but from my understanding it is still going on...I got my 2 go get yours.

Note:  Printable coupons are limited to 2 per computer so if you have more than 1 computer then you can print again.  I have 2 so every print I can get 4.  Plus, if you have a wifi printer then you can print from there as well. has an app that I can print from, so more savings on there as well and that will be another "JUST MY 2 CENTS!" or in this case "JUST MY 4 CENTS!"...LOL

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