Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just My 2 Cents…on Reality Shows

Sometimes when I sit and watch these shows with my daughters…I wonder what now. What could TV do now that will engrossed my daughters into sitting down and wasting their time watching garbage? You sit and watch a bunch of girls who are living in a beautiful house and don’t have to pay rent or anything & live life with the camera watching them 24/7. Next thing you know, they are cussing like a truck driver and acting like they can take on the world by themselves. Getting all dressed up in barely any clothes, going to bars, drinking, grinding strangers, then getting drunk, and starting fights. I sit because I am shocked by their actions, but yet fascinated by what is coming next. Then I stop and see my daughters watching this and I ask myself do I want them to watch these girls do what they do and think that it is alright to do it. But, I take it as a cue to talk with them about it and see what they think.

As a mom, you want your girls (especially girls) to live right, be good, and cause no trouble. Well, I was surprised on their answers. They think that the girls are selfish and seeing them drink and behave like that is something that they don’t want to be. They said, “Mom, I don’t want people to see me like that and when they see me after, I don’t want to be that girl who got drunk at so and so bar.”

Can you say “I am so PROUD?” No mom could ever be so proud. I continue to talk with them about the show and when I see them in trance with the events on the show and hear their opinions. I know that I am proud of them, but I know that they aren’t perfect even though I want them to be. But, I love them as I know that the parents of the girls on the show love them in their own way on their behavior.

All in all…Reality shows can be a plus and a negative, it just depends on what Reality Show you’re watching and how you take it and perceive from it. I don’t think I will stop watching Reality Shows, but I know that I can use them as life lessons for my girls and myself and that’s JUST MY 2 CENTS!

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