Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Work From Home Passion...

Okay, I know I shared an opportunity earlier in my post & now I want to share this opportunity that I am so passionate for. I am a Vantel Pearls Demonstrator & the company is name Vantel Pearls, but known as the "Pearl Parties!" This is alot of fun to do!

So now your wondering what is a "Pearl Party?" We are like home parties for example MaryKay, Pamper Chef, etc. But we don't bring cosmetics or cooking products. We bring real oysters with real pearls inside. That you choose, we open & clean, size & appraise, then you get to place this beautiful pearl in the jewelry you choose. We have a variety of rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, tie tacks, charms, & a lot ot choose from.

As a Hostess you get to open a oyster for "FREE" & place it on a jewelry peice for "FREE," then you get a percentage of your party total sales towards "FREE" jewelry & get a 1/2 on our online boutique. Plus, it don't stop there. If your friend books a party at your party, then you receive a $25 Gift Certificate. Now, if you have 4 friends, you get $100 in gift certificates. How awesome is that!

Now, if this is something you want to do as a business. Then you get to have a fabulous time in making money with this company. We have a great start package for $99 & a great Elegant Start Program to earn great prizes for accomplishing the goals in this company. Plus, with a 25-40% in commission is even a greater opportunity to be with this company.

I can't believe I found this company & I love every minute that I spend doing this business. Now this is where I can say I love my job & I love going to work & that is JUST MY 2 CENTS on this... 

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