Monday, August 30, 2010

My Daughter turns 17...

On August 28, 1993 at the age of 18, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. On that day, I never really knew how much a person can love another & that day, I felt a gush of love for this little girl that I just pushed out of me & was covered in gunk & all. I never quite understand how one person could just love right there & then. She has given me so much blessing, also with tons of headaches...LOL! But, I love my daughter so much & on the 28th she turned 17. That is why I didn't blog in the last 2 days. I was cherishing the time of her birthday & also reflecting the last 17yrs of her life & just remembering. I know we all wish that our children can just be children & stay that way. But, that day I realize that she is a young woman ready to embark on her life & that I have to cherish what time I have with her before she moves out of my home & starts her new adventure. I am not ready, but when the time comes I have to be, regardless if I don't like it at all & that’s Just My 2 Cents!

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