Thursday, August 5, 2010

Shark Steam Mop...Just My 2 Cents on this!

Are you ever up late at night watching those famous infomercial that will in trance you with their products or gimmicks? Well, I am one of those late night watchers! I love channel surfing to see what product is new out there. So I got hooked on watching the Shark infomercials and I was fascinated on their products. The one that I love is the Shark Steam Mop. I love that I don't have to use harsh cleaners that will harm my family, especially my 2 year old daughter. Just pour water in the mop, pump a couple of times, watch the steam come out, & then mop the dirt away. Then feel the cleanness of your nice floors. It may all sound so nice & dandy. But, in my experience it’s not!

Well, since my husband came home for deployment I kept raving that I want this certain item. So one day we were walking in a department store & my husband spotted the steam mop. I was surprised to see it sold in stores, when the infomercial said "not sold in stores." Well, my husband bought for me & I was so excited & couldn't wait to hurry home & clean everything...LOL

To make a long story short, my excitement for this item was short lived. My steam mop didn't last long & was very dissapointed to find out that if your water is hard, you can't use it on this item. That it has to be soft water or none available filtered water, or bottled water. Okay, I like this item but I am not going to sacrifice my filtered drinking water or bottled water that my family uses to put into a machine to clean my floors. I rather go purchase an environmentally safe cleaning product if I want it safe for my family.

Then, when I called the Hotline for problems, I get a guy who sounds like his from India. Now, I don't have any problem with other culture. But, why do I have to talk to a guy from India, when I purchased this item in the US? Now, the guy was nice on the phone & I know he was doing his job. But, after a constant going over the instructions on how to fix my item & after I constantly tell him "I did that already." He then suggested that I need to have in sent in for service. So I am thinking finally, we are getting somewhere! Then he drops that there will be a fee of so & so amount, don't remember how much because I was shocked. I then politely replied, "Why do I have to pay for it to be service when it’s still under the warranty and all?" Then he goes on and on about the cost & all that stuff. So by that time, I was losing my cool. With patience running thin, I refused the service and thanked him for his customer service. Then all of a sudden he panics! Saying he will talk with his boss & get things straighten out for me because he wants to provide a good service. Again, I politely refused & continue to thank him, but still this guy won't stop. So with one last attempt but with a firm tone, I refused the service & I asked him to please stop asking & thanked him for his service. Boy his tuned changed & said, "Your welcome!" & hung up! Boy did that pissed me off!

I know I tried to not make it long, but I got carried away. To be honest, I love this item, but it will be awhile for me to make another purchase from them, even though I like their new Shark Navigator Vacuum. But, if I have to deal with that kind of customer service, it will be for awhile or when I see a good deal to pass up & with that it’s JUST MY 2 CENTS!

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