Thursday, August 5, 2010

Just My 2 Cents on an Awesome Opportunity I want to share...

Hi, everyone!  I am excited this morning & I wanted to share with everyone.  I know that I only have 8 followers but, its better than having none, & I am grateful for you all.  I just want to share something that my friend showed me & now I am hooked.  You see, I have been on this whole work from home adventure & I am with numerous companies that I will share in my blog & link to it from here.  But, I had found something that I think will benefit everyone.

It's called AshMax.  It is a great opportunity & all you do is share it with people you know & who you will think will benefit from it.  Of course, I thought of my readers.  The task is that you share this opportunity with 5 people in 20 days, then when you do your in the system & then in a 100 days you should have generated an income of $23,000.  Now, of course you think this is a scam.  But, I checked & you can Google & its on Youtube, & it's real.  You ask, if it's not a scam, how come everyone isn't doing?  Well, everyone don't think like you & me.  That is why they give you 20 days to get your 5, it eliminates between those who are serious & who are lazy.  I think it makes sense & I am giving it a try.  If it works, then I am $23,000 richer a month & if not, then atleast I gave it a shot, didn't give up, & followed thru.

So if anyone wants to learn more here is my blog site & if your ready to learn more here is my link

"Where will you be in 100 days?" -  & thats JUST MY 2 CENTS!

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