Thursday, July 29, 2010

Caller ID on your phone...Do you answer calls that you know or don't know?

I don't...If I don't have your number inputted in my contact list on my phone, I don't answer. I don't feel bad about it, cause I answered a lot of calls before & it was either Telemarketers, people calling because it was someone’s number before I got it, or just dialed the wrong number. It's precious time wasted for me to entertain a call & explain that this particular person does not use this number anymore. Even when its debt collectors, come on! One time, this person called me a "LIAR!" Boy did that riled me up. Of course, I gave him My 2 Cents & hung up on him. Then return the called & made a complaint about this person & their phone etiquette. I think that is one of the perks of Caller ID, you get to the number to return that call.

Anyways, if I don't have your number I don't answer & if you really wanted to talk to me, there is a thing called voicemail. Leave a message & I will get back to you! Simple as that! RIGHT! LOL, that's just me, take it or leave it.

One time my husband kept calling me from his work & on a military post it comes up unknown, so I didn't answer the call & he ended up calling me from his cell phone. He was like "will you answer your phone, I keep calling." I was like "was that you that kept calling?" He was like "yes"...I just laughed!

Oh, don't worry I got the numbers of the hospital, the police, schools, & places where I know that my family will be at in my phone.

So this is JUST MY 2 CENTS...If I don't have you in my phonebook, then I don't answer! If it’s important there is the voicemail, so leave a message after the beep, "BEEP!"


  1. New follower from Mompack. Congrats on your new blog :)

  2. I hate it when people call on my cell phone and will call several times but not leave a message :)

    Good work on the blog! Keep it up!

  3. Thank you, ladies for commenting on my blog. It helps with the boost of confidence & the direction I want to go with it & yes I hate it when they call several times when you can just leave a voicemail with one call & I will return your call.

    Thanks again.

  4. I agree, if I don't know who it is 95% of the time I let the machine get it. At least 95% of the time it is a telemarketer who I don't want to talk to.

    Great job on your blog!
    Followed from Mompack