Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just My 2 Cents About Me...

Hi, I am a wife to my husband for 17yrs now & an Army wife for 4yrs, a mom of 4 beautiful girls & I love my family. I am a loving person & I care about my fellow man. But, cross me wrong & you will hear my 2 Cents! My family is important to me, especially my children! I am a Leo so mess with my cubs, you mess with me & you will so hear My 2 Cents!

I am creating this blog to Just give My 2 Cents, a place to get whatever is off my chest & mind. Also, I like to give my reviews or my opinions on things & my husband tells me I need to do something about it. It seems I have a lot to say & no one to listen. So here I am in the Blogging World to give Just My 2 Cents!

I hope whoever reads this will enjoy what I have to say & I am open to any one's 2 cents.

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