Thursday, July 29, 2010

My favorite Iphone App Game

Yes, I have an iPhone & as you think of it everyone has one. Okay, maybe not everyone but if you look around when you go shopping you can count at least 10 people who has one. Well, I never thought I would be an iPhone owner, but I got sucked in & never regretted it. Thank you, honey! He bought it as a late birthday present to me since he missed my birthday due to deployment. Well, he made it up & I love him!

Okay, going off track here! I love the iPhone because of all the apps it has & the one that I absolutely love is Words with Friends Free (this has ads) & the other with no ads is $0.99. Well, I got the free version & the ads are no problem for me, gives my brain a rest on thinking. Anyways, the game is like scrabble but without a board game & tiles in front of you. It’s all in the app & you play with your friends who has an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. I can play in my house, in my bed, with my cousin who lives maybe 5mins away by car in her house. Then I can play with random opponents from across the world that has this app & get a challenge! Not that my cousin is not a challenge, I know her & how she thinks. So I like the challenge when I play with people I don't know.

Like right now, I am playing with this great competitor on our 6th or 7th game already & I haven't yet to beat this person. They said that I am their great challenge & I take that as a compliment, even though I haven't beaten them yet. Soon, I hope! LOL

Well, if you ever looking for that great app with a great challenge to your brain! I say check it out, it's free, & you will be amazed how much words are out there & words you never thought existed! And that my reader, is JUST MY 2 CENTS!

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