Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just My 2 Cents on Blogging...

Okay, you know how this is just a start for me on blogging & how I kept pondering on should I blog or not? Well, I asked my fellow cyber friends who blog what is the best place to blog & how to start it off. A friend of mine who has 4 blogs (like WOW). I didn't start on one yet & she has 4. Talk about alot of thinking & alot of headaches. Just thinking on starting this one was a major headache for me LOL! Well, I went to the 2 sites that she mention & boy was I like WHAT? You can picture me sitting in front of the computer with a blank look & if it could happen a big ?QUESTION MARK? on the top of my head. It was alot to take in, not only do you have to write on topics you want to talk about. But you have to design, add widgets or buttons, upload a photo, which of course constant looking at the right photo to place so you look good & people will know who you are (talk about stress), & then to make sure it is readable before you publish it on the web. Wow, so much work! Towards the end, I was ready to throw in the towel & just say to the HELL of it. But, the perfectionist in me said "NOPE" going to finish it. Yes, I am perfectionist! Well, not that much! I just don't throw in the towel to easy! Well, it seem I didn't quit & I am on my 3rd post. Kind off getting the hand of it, well sort of! LOL!

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