Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Saying good-bye!...

The one thing about being in the military is you get to travel the world and meet new people. You meet new people and you create a family atmosphere wherever you are at. But, this duty station here in Alaska, my husband and I found family. We found cousins, uncles, and aunties here and that made being in Alaska even better.

But, every military family knows that you have to say goodbye to them when their time has come to leave and go on to where the military needs you to be at.

So this morning, my cousin and his family left to go to their next duty station and it was such a hard goodbye. I watch my nieces and nephews grow up to be such handsome boys and my niece is growing up to be so beautiful. Now I have to watch them grow up from a far and whenever we can go on vacation or just being in the next duty station again.

I never had a hard goodbye until this morning...I don't think I will ever get use to saying good-bye and that is JUST MY 2 CENTS!

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