Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm I a writer...

I read a blog that ask “Are you a writer?” and that made me think. Am I a writer because I blog now and what do you have to do to have that status to be called a “writer?”

This blog has gotten to me and made me think about that. Since I am starting to blog do I now call myself a writer? I mean every time I am done writing a blog post I hit the button that says PUBLISH! Does that mean or make me a writer?

Well, how would you define “writer?” From Wikipedia it means A writer is anyone who creates a written work, though the word usually designates those who write creatively or professionally, as well as those who have written in many different forms.

Now with reading that…I guess you can say I am writer, right? I haven’t published anything, besides a poem that was featured in a book of poems. But, I was a teenager at the time and I didn’t get paid for it. Just got published! But, will I call myself a writer? When I was a teenager, I have journals, short stories, and tons of poems. But, when I had kids I stopped and of course my priorities were taking care of my family and kids. So do I still call myself a writer after years not writing?

Now is writing a letter a form of being creative? The reason I ask this, is because I written tons of letters to my husband when he was at Basic Training and AIT, and many emails when he was deployed. Is that being on the creative side of writing? I mean I written and describe details of what our children were doing, especially our youngest who is 2 right now. All the things she was learning and doing. Is being descriptive on details mean or say that I am a “writer?”

Well, regardless if I am a writer or not, in my definition of a writer is being creative and imaginative and I don’t care if I am not publish or a best seller. I know that my letters that I wrote to my husband and my children will live on and kept in our family library and be read by my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and so on. They will read the love, fear and struggle that their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents had to do so their family will live on the way they do, and with that said “I AM A WRITER” and with that is JUST MY 2 CENTS!

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