Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Excercising...a update

Hi everyone, just wanted to post an update on me. Got a terrible cough last Thursday so I took it as a day off for me to rest the body, but I ended up taking 4 days off not happy with that but I am back again. Still have a cough & since I started to do RIU I noticed a pain in the back of my neck, I think it's from the stomach excercise part, I am already tired out by that part that I am struggling to complete it & as stubborn as I am I will do it until it's all over even if my muscles are

So today I am going to step back & do SIU for 3 days to kickstart the body again for the 4 days off & work back to RIU...I know it's a step back from where I was but the one thing I learn that you need to listen to your body. Plus, my hubby who does PT everyday (his a soldier) says that even though you are on a program you need to listen to what your body says but always remember to don't quit & drive

So I am going to continue to push play & reach that bikini body!

Have a great workout everyone!

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