Tuesday, March 29, 2011


"Today", I really don't care for you at this moment...because before I really liked "Yesterday" a lot because I didn't care for what "Tomorrow" would bring & hated when you "Today" will come, because that meant "Tomorrow" will be here soon.  Now that "Tomorrow" came & now its "Yesterday", I look forward to when you "Today" becomes "Yesterday"...because then that means "Tomorrow" is near.  So at this moment, I don't care for you "Today" & I skip for joy when you become "Yesterday" & I look forward to "Tomorrow."  So "Today" don't feel bad, I just want "Tomorrow" to keep coming so that it can become "Yesterday" & I will like you "Today" when it means "Tomorrow" brings the day of my husband coming home to his family.  So "Today" when that day comes, I will so love you & celebrate you, but as of now, no hard feelings, okay...I just needed "Tomorrow" to become "Yesterday."


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