Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Movie Review

Okay, I know I haven't blogged again for awhile but I want to blog on a movie that I just watched. It is called "BURLESQUE" I know that Christina Aguilera has been in the media for stumbling on words for the "STAR SPANGLE BANNER" & for stumbling on one of the award shows. But she did good on stumbling on getting a role for this movie. Her voice is spectacular & I am so in awe of her. I can sing but man I wish I had a set of pipes like her. I would love to go so deep & just belt it out. I don't care how much the media is going to bash her for how she lives or looks...but people come on...she has talent & before she was nothing until you heard her sing & now she is famous. Instead of focusing on her life, focus on her gift & how she can sing.

Put it this way, if it was me know one would care if I stumbled on anything, but because she stumbled it is a big thing, she is human just like the rest of us & she can get up & brush it off & continue to live on...This movie has done her justice on all the media bashing that has been giving to her...her voice is just awesome & that is "JUST MY TWO CENTS!"

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